Caliber FPS Overall
Weight Accuracy Case
.177" 540 35.4"/25" 15.0" 7.0lbs 1/4"@30yds 5
.22" 410 35.4"/25" 15.0" 7.0lbs 1/4"@30yds 5

The XS-B3-1 is one of the best selling Chinese airguns. This rifle is copied from real AK-47 and used some of original parts that designed for AK-47. This rifle equipped with adjustable front and rear sights, rifled barrel, spring piston action, side cocking lever and scope mounter. Overall length is only 25" when the steel stock is folded. This rifle is also equipped a trigger safety and built with very solid structure.

  The receiver cylinder is made of high strength steel tubing, nicely polished. The ramped slide rear sight is similar to those on AK/SKS, adjustable for elevation/windage.

  A grooved scope mount has been added to accept 3/8" scope rings on rear section of receiver. The machined solid steel rear stud also houses the trigger.
  The compression chamber ratchet is designed to prevent bounce back -- in case the lever is not held firmly. Once the cocking lever is pulled all the way back, the ratchet would automatically disengaged.
  The 15" barrel is tapered (Rugger style), and the muzzle is nicely crowned. The AK/SKS style front sight needs a special tool for the windage and the additional elevation adjustments.
  The foldable steel skeleton butt stock is directly from AK. It can be locked in position firmly. The pointing knob that above the grip is a manual trigger safety switch.