Caliber: .177″
Trigger Pull: <1.2N
Overall Length: 44.1″
Barrel Length: 16.9″
Weight: 11.0lbs
Accuracy: 0.02“@10M
Case Pack: 1

EM611 is the No. 1 quality match air rifle from China and is intended for shooting competition in Olympic Games. It complies with all regulations of the UTT. EM611 is for 10M shooting competition.

  • CO2 powered.
  • Comes with precision diopter sights.
  • Special processing is used in barrel produce for high accuracy.
  • Stock shoulder rest length can be adjusted within 8.16mm.
  • Stock cheekpiece can be vertically and horizontally adjusted.
  • Double manual safeties. Position safety for loading pellets and bolt lock for controlling firing.
  • Empty firing slide block can be used for empty rifle practice.
  • Two stage trigger and is adjustable.
  • Comes with the high quality rifle case.
  • Other items included: two CO2 gas bottles, joint for charging gas, gas releasing cup,  etc..